About Us

      Edens Shower was founded 14 years ago by Carol O'Grizek. She wanted to start this company to create a product without synthetic fragrances, detergents, parabens and chemicals. Carol first created a Cold Pressed Soap made with all natural ingredients, then later adding a body oil and a body butter. She wanted to keep the brand simple and small, but life had other plans... Over her twelve years in business Carol created over 30 different products! She became devoted to loving, caring and finding every way to help her customers to ease or cure their skin aliment.

      Edens Shower has now been passed into the hands of the second generation. To  continue to give people a pure and more simple way to take care of our bodies. By taking out all of the chemicals big companies use as fillers that are harming our bodies. No parabens, wax, synthetic fragrance, detergents, nothing that God didn't make himself. Which is why Carol came up with the name Edens Shower. 

A Pure & Simple Way to Live

Thank you to all of our wonderful and supporting customers! We would not be here today if it wasn't for you!

Thank you so much!

Alison O'Grizek