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Now Accepting Pick Ups or Drop Offs!

Edens Shower will now be accepting PICK UP and DROP OFF orders! You are able to make your Online Order a Pick Up Order at checkout if you wish. An email will need to be sent to to schedule a time and date for pick up or drop off.

We are continuing to follow regulations the CDC has put in place for extra protection and safety for our customers.

To our Customers we want to "Thank you!" for your continued support and remembering to shop small. Please feel free to contact us by E-mail or Phone, listed at the bottom of the page in the contact information. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

CEO Ailson O'Grizek

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Edens Shower

Fine Soaps, Shampoos & Herbal Sundries...

Here at Edens Shower we are a unique green company that got started out of our love for nature and living a more pure & simple lifestyle. After years of backpacking, canoeing and kayaking from Maine to Alaska, making an all natural product seemed like a logical next venture for us to take. It's proved to be very fulfilling. We've been able to introduce the benefits of using an all natural soap to many wonderful people. Not only for its impact on the environment, but also for the great way it effects your skin. Eliminating itchy and dry skin by replacing the oil that time and the elements have taken away. We truly enjoy making it and hope you will enjoy using it as well!


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